Ethereum is a better store of value than Bitcoin : ethtrader

So I am currently trying to decide if I should buy ETH or not? Well, I did some googling about it, and the best source of information I could find about it is this:

Extremely determined to buy it, i found out in this article that this cryptocurrency are predicted by some experts to fall to 0. The article also claims that others say, it might reach 1k at the end of the year.. Now I know, that no one knows how it will eventually work out, BUT, do You guys think that there is a possibility of it reaching 0$ and staying like that for years as the article suggests?

Right now ETH is 104$ and charts with 1 month zoom suggest that it might keep falling abit more.

Can someone tell me which is the best crypto to invest in ? I didn’t know anything about Ethereum until today, is it a good investment ?

Ethereum uses the technology that powers bitcoin to Also power cloud-based computer programs. Part of their idea is to use virtual currency as payment for these programs, as well as for a few other things on the backend.

They call their virtual currency ether instead of bitcoin.

It’s a very good idea and has lots of room to grow.

On the other hand, bitcoin and ethereum run on the same technology by design, which has the following effect: bitcoin can potentially do everything ethereum does…but without ethereum.

I’m going to be starting my first full time job this year so I’ll finally have some disposable income to make more serious investments. I have a pretty beginner understanding of crypto and previously invested about 300 dollars mostly on ethereum (down to 40 dollars but still hodling 🙂 )

I understand that ethereum and bitcoin are pretty different technology wise and from what I know the ethereum tech is more interesting/useful but it doesn’t seem like that’s translating into eth surpassing btc, hence me trying to understand this better.

I want to buy more and hold for the next 5 years or more and I’m wondering what the crypto veterans on this sub have to say about these coins or others and which ones have the most promising long term prospects.

For me it’s ETH all the way as I believe in the future of dapps / its ability to scale wih eth 2.0.

I’m in crypto since the birth of BTC.

About 2 to 3 years ago, when Ethereum was traded at 1 USD (yes) I moved all my BTC to ETH and didn’t look back. From then to now, I’ve watched my small investment grow to millions in almost no time. I didn’t sell a cent, I didn’t even move my Eth at all, even after watching it go from 1400 back to 80 usd again.

Why? Let me show you one thing.

This thing.

At any time of the day, at any day of the week.

Compare it to, or, or any other subreddit in the world. Tell me any other subreddit that looks like that.

-eye catching title Hello guys, I’m interested in investing a modest sum in cryptocurrencies. I used to play with Dogecoin and ended up converting it all to Ethereum yesterday. I’ve already read quite a bit about the differences in architecture but I still require some convincing to bet my disposable income on it.

How is this any different from the tulip mania, and any other kind of speculative bubble?

Do you think companies like Cisco, Deloitte, Hewlett Packard, JPMorgan, MasterCard and Microsoft knows what they are doing? They are all betting on Ethereum and are researching and building on top of ETH.

They’re playing around with eth tech to maybe build private blockchains which they can control (keyword: maybe, there is every chance that many of these companies just end up abandoning the blockchain stuff after a short while).

Bitcoin had a fair launch.

Anyone who knew about Bitcoin and had access to a PC could mine from day 1. Over time, mining became more difficult but people could easily buy BTC on various exchanges or from other people who had Bitcoin. You didn’t have to be a member of a privileged class to get into Bitcoin at the ground floor.

Ethereum had a fair launch. Unlike Bitcoin, the project was far too ambitious for the people who conceived of it to pay for its development out of pocket.

So they held an open crowd funding to pay for development.

Anyone who heard about Ethereum could participate in the crowdsale, priced at about 30 cents/ETH. After the chain launched, anyone with a modern graphics card could also mine Ether and put some away.

Some founders on the team didn’t care for that funding model for Ethereum.

I’m sorry I know this obviously is an overdone discussion.

But I’m honestly at a loss to understand why people don’t agree with this. ETH transactions are confirmed much faster and have much smaller fees. Doesn’t that therefore deprecate the need for Bitcoin in the first place? What does Bitcoin provide that is not provided by Ethereum?

Yet so many people view ETH as just a platform for Dapps rather than as a store of value in itself. I hear people often say that Ethereum does not compete with Bitcoin because they are solving different problems. Can someone explain to me what the reasoning is there for the legions of people that believe this?

There are coins with even lower fees and even faster transaction times, does that mean they are necessarily better than ETH/BTC or a better “store of value”? No.

Hey guys, I think ETH is a good deal here, and I see it as having far more utility than Bitcoin in the future, so I’m favoring ETH over BTC.

I am planning to start buying some ETH here, and dollar averaging in, with the last buying day being Dec 31st. I figure we will see some continued selling keeping the price down as people sell the last of their ETH holding to offset any gains they may have had over the entirety of 2018.

Can anyone provide a solid argument for why buying into the end of this year would NOT be a good idea?

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I heard about the switch to prove of stake, how could this affect the price? I heard there will be 30% less ETH mined soon.

Since there is no halving events, could there be just more and more ETH in the future, not having the BTC type of scarcity deflation?

Why should there be price gains with ETH? Where do you bet the price to be 2, 3 years from now.

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I haven’t been in the market for nearly a year and I’m not sure which projects I should be supporting. Can anyone provide a TLDR on what is worth my investment at this time, or whether I should just keep my tether.


It is your call.

BTC is going to fork soooooonish.

I would say BTC, XRP, ETH, LTC or Stellar.

Or Ethereum if you like the idea of all these Dapps that are currently being developed.

Than you will miss quite a few technologies with out mining.

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