Frostval Barbarian Inconsistencies : AQW

Disclaimer: I am still farming for Crypto Tokens for Frostval Barbarian to this moment so I haven’t used it yet.

I don’t get Frostval Barbarian’s skill 3 which is Silver Thaw/Maw/Jaw. It increases your crit chance and crit damage to you and your party and it also stacks to 4. BUT both skills 1 and 5 are non-crit and non-miss, so what is the purpose of using skill 3 (aside of +20 mana and mana reductions) if you don’t even get crits? Heck it even uses Mage mana model.

I don’t have the class yet but I believe the boosts are to benefit the other persons in your group. So, while you don’t get any bonuses from the effects, your allies would.

Items that are sellable or not from AQW

I have just sold the platinum coin 2500 and seppy’s undead blade within 24hrs. Evolved hex, blood, and shadow armor are all mine along with evolved hex staff & evolved shadow spear from the platinum coin.

I got dark and monstrous doomblade from the seppy blade too.

It turns out that the blade itself is sellable but you need 6 crypto tokens before you buy it in order to successfully buy and sell it within 24hrs.

I’m a returning player that’s been on and off for the past 6 or 7 years. I just started back up again and am wondering what the best classes are in the game rn? I have Eternal Inversionist, Shadowstalker, Shaman, Mage (rare), Blood Sorceress, Glacial Berserker, Lycan, Lightcaster, and one of the chrono classes it’s not an op class either.

I’m wondering what classes I should grind.

Are any of my current classes good? And is that new barbarian class worth it?

Returning player? CLICK HERE before making a thread! from AQW

They usually don’t look before asking for some reason, and you can’t see it when you sort by new.

Not like most people do that anyway.

There’s a search bar on the side for Reddit that will filter keywords.

For the first time in 150 years, three lunar events will take place at the same time:

Pretty much everyone here at the Lab, and a ton of our offsite team members, are all space or science nerds, so this was an event we definitely had to recognize in-game!

And just because we can’t let a special event go by without an item or two, starting tonight you’ll find the Dire Lunar Wolf and Super Blood Moon Cape in the Featured Gear Shop until this Friday. (The cape will go perma-rare, but the pet will return each time there’s a Lunar Eclipse!)

Want to see where you can get the best views? Check out this image from Nasa of the Total Lunar Eclipse stages. Or read this article for more information about the triple event.

LAST CHANCE! The Void Overlord Evolution is going perma-rare.

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