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Hello! I’ve been a lurker for a while, but I am starting to stabilize in my career, and I want to start putting some money in Crypto, so that its available to me on a global market. I believe in the decentralized currency model, and understand the basics behind blockchain, but I really have no clue how to start investing. How can I make decent decisions on what coins to buy? It seems to me that understanding EVERY whitepage out there is asking a lot, but I also am not overly sure how to tell one from another without it.

Would love some input and guides.

Im not looking to make much money, I just want to start trading.

I love the idea but I can’t really find where to start.

I have watched some youtube videos, and I want to buy something like Nano since its only like $2, but I don’t know where to do that, or how to know when to sell/buy.

(sorry if I haven’t used the right tags, I’m completely new, if that wasn’t obvious enough)

lol, I suppose the “random people trying to throw their money into crypto” sign is as good as any that a bubble is coming.

You’re going to have to sign up to a few exchanges.

As a new and coming crypto trader, I’m looking to start trading small amounts of money (<$100) in order to just get my feet wet and learn. That being said, I'd love a service that allows me to do so for as small a fee as possible (read: as free as possible). A $5 transaction fee would be absurd when buying $50 worth of crypto, let's say. Also if anyone has any other suggestions on what apps or services would be best to use when considering portfolio management or watching prices that would be greatly appreciated!

Check out instead of coinmarketcap.

I have been interested in crypto for a while, but as we all know, they didn’t havent been doing well for the last year. I’m thinking about buying about $1000 in btc and seeing what happens over the next few months. I k ow there is no way to predict the future, but is there any hope that the prices will rise again?

Buy crypto if the money you’re investing, is money you’re willing/OK to lose. Since we can’t ask a time traveler, assume the worst so the worst doesn’t happen to your portfolio.

A time traveler said to buy Bitcoin.

at the point where most people have no hope of the price going up again, that is when people have the most to gain

I agree.

So basically i know very little about cryptocurrency, but after being taunted many years by a friend who has netted over 300k in earnings from crypto, I’ve decided to start investing. Ive invested $300 in a few different coins that my friend has recommended for me. I was wondering if you guys had any advice on where i can inform myself about every aspect of crypto that i need to learn up on.

I see so many guides online, but i have no idea of their credibility.

Also, any other advice would be appreciated.

Hold is a strategy that may be the best choice in the long run.

But the frustration of the short and medium term in the world of cryptocurrencies is something that perhaps few can withstand.

I belive that there are a lot of profitable traders in this world.

Any of them can share with us their strategies and knowledge?

Nah but really, you need to study some books. Every trader trades their own way so to share a strategy just won’t work. Learning TA is easy, finding a system that works for you and developing the mental discipline is the hard part and you only get that with practice. Do you want to day trade? Swing trade? Scalp? Position? Do you want to trade momentum? Breakouts? Reversals? There’s too many ‘strategies’ that you will only figure out by practicing.Grab a book and start studying!

I’m currently 14 working a part-time job and I saved up around ~2500 dollars to start investing in crytocurrency. After bugging my people for awhile now to get a bank account, I finally have one. I tore through market analysis’s and crypto-news in order to determine what I should invest in. So when it came time to actually put in the money and start investing, I was completely lost. There are probably 100’s of investing platforms to choose from, and while I somewhat know how to read stock charts(from just watching a simple video), I’m completely lost when it comes to actually buying and selling crypto. Something like this confuses me.

If there is a beginner friendly resource on how to start trading in the crypto market or if you have any tips for someone like me it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi everyone, i really want to get into crypto currencies, but i want to do it in a proper way.

What do you guys think i should read, watch, do…

to acquire enough knowledge to trade properly ?

Mastering Bitcoin’s first 4 chapters (I’m assuming you are not a programmer, otherwise please continue)

If you just want to trade, fuck all that. If you want to invest, you’d be unwise to ignore all that.

I want to trade mainly, but i also want to have a decent general knowledge about cryptocurrencies, so might check what you said. I used to study programmation and was mainly interested into security but had to stop so i have some basics (just basics tho). I just have 1 question, what do you mean by “Mastering Bitcoin’s first 4 chapters” ?

Youre likely to get lots of advice on what coins to invest in. Dont even worry about that yet.

Not to come off as unappreciative, but having just started into crypto this week, this is faaaaar from a starting guide.

There are so many little things I wish I’d known ahead of time.

For instance, I did a little research on what coins I wanted to buy and hold.

I decided on xen, iota, and ripple.

There’s a few others but I’m still learning how to even research them properly.

That being said I decided around noon one day this week that I’d take the plunge. Game on! Right? Good lord no.

First, as far as I can tell I can’t buy xen with cash. Btc, ltc, and eth seem to be the only 3 I can transfer funds to electronically.

I want to begin by saying thank you to all those who actually offer unbiased, solid advice to those new to investing or in cryptocurrency. I know there are many here who try to manipulate others for their own agenda, give bad advice or simply troll. I have learned a great deal here from those who contributed sound advice and in return I’d like to do my part for this community.

I know many feel they have missed their opportunity to profit from the crypto market, but the opposite is true.

Cryptocurrency is a baby and still has a lot more room to grow.

However, before you begin throwing your money into this market it’s important to do the proper research. Ask yourself the following questions:

The more you understand what bitcoin is the more you’ll understand how other coins, such as Ethereum, work.

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