How to play crypto idle miner

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There is almost no single person on the planet that hasn’t heard about crypto currencies by now, and how revolutionary is it.Looks like this one is
a hard nut to crack!

You can watch a lot of video tutorials online, read a ton of articles and still not gasp what cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are, and how they

Recently I have come across a game that provides cryptocurrency based rewards (HORA Tokens) depending on your skill level. How neat is that!? The game is called Crypto Idler Miner.If you’re not into “idle type” games, then this may not be for you. However, if you are interested in games that earn you free cryptocurrency (even while you’re offline), then read on!

The game I am talking about is Crypto Idle Miner by Hora Games. The game works like other idle games, where you are required to upgrade certain items, to provide a multiplier to a cash value. Once you reach a certain value, you can “prestige” to start from the beginning with even more multiplication factors. The main goal is to stack as many multipliers as possible in the most efficient way and make the most money (or cryptocurrency) as possible.

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By CN00b |
CryptoNoob | 9 Sep 2019

In this article i wanna talk a little about “The best crypto game i’ve ever played”.Crypto Idle Miner is a crypto mobile game (ios/android and PC version planned) developed by Hora Games, where you build your own mining farm on 5 different algorithms, you can upgrade rigs, upgrade infrastructue, cooling, level up admins, get airdrops, and many many things and the most important fact, is that you EARN REAL CRYPTO.

The payments are once per week, as there are weekly tournaments.Their crypto coin is called HORA Token, trx 20 token(initially ERC20)I’ve waited for this game quite a lot of time ( i wasn’t in beta), and, in the first day ( in March) i played 14 hours :))If you like the concept, it’ ll become addictive.

Video game that will merge crypto mining world and gaming.

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