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Cryptobridge, is a gateway, to the Bitshares digital asset exchange.

Only the user has access to his Bitshares private keys.

Because of the Bitshares platform, the order-books and the trades, are decentralized and transparent. There are a lot of altcoins and tokens supported.

No current data for BridgeCoin BCO. Last data input from 16 Декабрь 2019

BridgeCoin (BCO) is the cryptocurrency of the CryptoBridge trading platform. This coin allows you to claim a literal stake in the success of CryptoBridge as a percentage of the revenue stream collected from trading fees go to you — a BridgeCoin holder.

CryptoBridge is a fascinating website that just lately released and proposes a possibility to offer a “better” solution to the centralized exchange issue that has been on-going.

In case you haven’t noticed the exchange websites, world orbits around entities require you to deposit any funds onto their site. Intentionally bringing in a decentralized monetary medium in the form of crypto, to a centralized body to trade with your peers.

With the continuous growth of the global cryptocurrency market, people are seeking a secure alternative to a centralized exchange.

Therefore decentralized exchanges step in.

On 2nd October 2019, the trading gateway CryptoBridge announced that they would officially terminate all their services and servers after 15th December 2019.

This news follows the introduction of the strict Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements that caught many of their users by surprise two months ago.

Founded in 2017, CryptoBridge, which ran on Bitshares blockchain and was named in 2019 as the third most active blockchain with regard to daily transactions.

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