Isn’t it the right time to buy bitcoin?? : Bitcoin

Buddy, if you are a holder then it doesn’t matter when you buy BTC.

Just buy and leave it alone.

I do believe crypto is still in infant stage and we are still yet to see what comes in the future.

For those are asking, guys, you can use these 3 Best Crypto Exchanges recommended by other Redditors to buy BTC and other altcoins.

You should buy if you understand & believe in what bitcoin’s trying to do.

If you do anything else, you may be lucky with bitcoin, but you’ll eventually be parted from any profit you make by plausible-sounding crooks working some grift or other.

Buying Bitcoin now is hell of a lot smarter than buying at the end of last year. This is all anyone knows

Depends on your time frame, I bought in 2015 at $350, then it dropped below $200, I continued to hold and sold a good amount at $12k last year.

This subreddit isn’t intended to provide financial advice.

Don’t invest anything you can’t afford to lose.

If you are looking to get rich quick, you came to the wrong place.

Please do your own research and make your own financial decisions.

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fomo ey ; ) do your own research , do not wait for others to tell u what to do

We’ve been getting these questions on r/bitcoin since the price started pumping from $3,000 odd.

Only put in as much as you’re willing to lose. Bring some patience, might take some years until you likely realize: USD does not exist anymore, 0.15 BTC is worth tremendously much.

This is th correct answer. DCA stands for dollar cost average.

Hi, so I only have £10,000 in savings, for that I can buy 1 bitcoin and have just over a grand left over.

Should I do it? It will probably take me the rest of my life to save up that kind of money again but I also really want to buy a house and if all this conspiracies are true that the bitcoin will jump up to 100k in the next year or so.. I want in.

Bitcoin can divide to 8 decimal places, with the lowest denomination being a Satoshi.

If you can’t afford to risk all your saving, buy 50 million satoshis instead.

Why not just invest 10% of that? Why do you have to go all in on some conspiracy? I’d say diversification is a safer choice

A stone a day into the pond is better than the whole handful at once. If you prefer to put all your savings into BTC, the best bet would be to continually add over time.

diversification does terribly in contractions.

I’d post this in r/personalfinance but I’m pretty sure those guys over there don’t understand the potential of Bitcoin.

So I’m 23 years old and I got into Bitcoin/Crypto in Feb 2018. I’m pretty much went all in in 2018 and bought all the way down to 3k and alts. I’m basically even on what I put in so far thanks to bitcoin, if alts go up Itll be great.

I’m living in California and I make 4k a month with 1.5k in living expenses. I have about 2.5k left and I’m pretty frugal.

I’ve always wanted to get a hair transplant and laser eye surgery but that cost a lot of money.

When I 1st came to the crypto the price of BTC was $3k or something and after some day its hit $10k with a jump and keep going and going..

I didn’t even believe my eye that what is happening….

It was so far for me to invest in..

But now its come in low price again and not jumping for a long times… Should I buy it now or it will come more lower? I’m felling confusion about this. Please help me what should I do..

There will never be “the right time”.

Investing is about taking risk and learning from failure.

Would I say now is a good time to invest, yes.

Do I think the market will go even lower, yes I do.

But, tomorrow is never promised.

My strategy is investing on a bi-weekly schedule, regardless of the current market situation. If I were you I’d invest 25-50% of what you’re wanting to spend now and keep the other 50% liquid to invest in small amounts as we go down or up.

I have 1000 I’ve recently earned through gambling and I’m thinking about putting 1k In is this a good idea? Why or why not thanks guys.

This 100%.

At least this way your calculated gamble has big upside.

If you go capper style or double or nothing, you either make little money or bust. BTC is the best play IMO

What answer do you honestly expect from this sub? If you ask anyone enthusiastic about anything if you should invest your 1k in their thing, I think I can guess what they’ll say.

I’d say, if it’s money you don’t need, then go for it.

If you will need it, then add it to or open an investment account.

Bitcoin is high risk/reward.

So you could lose a lot or gain a lot.

But because you can lose, it’s best to only buy what you can afford to lose and be excited for to gain.

Look into dollar cost averaging if your interested in the long term and want to minimize risk.

Is the global financial system still based entirely on fiat currencies? Yes.

Is the long-term average ROI (return on investment) for Bitcoin more than 100%? Yes.

Would an ignorant person turn their back on Bitcoin in light of the current situation? Yes.

Would you have to be pretty dumb to NOT want to own some Bitcoin at this point? Yes.

Is Bitcoin going to become the next Global Reserve Currency? I firmly believe so.

Make sure to send me a message when it actually operates like this. Keep in mind I’m anything but a Bitcoin bear and have been around for years.

The thing is it still trades like a risk on asset.

Period full stop

Mostly good stuff! Just remember a tech or math advancement could change things over night.

Buying BTC now is a mugs game, BTC prices are going way lower than levels today, there isn’t demand hence the lowering price due to people selling out and waiting to buy in lower.

Mining on the most part is unprofitable so expect more selling, and more miners quitting.

If bitcoin is going to rise now would be the time to buy, but in my opinion sometime in 2019, or 2020 the altcoins with greater purposes, and better speed are going to take over the crypto market cap and leave bitcoin behind unless the lightning work is perfected, and bitcoin visa cards become mainstream.

I normally stick to investing in stocks and shares.

I’ve pulled my money out of shares because I think a correction could happen this year or next. I don’t like holding cash and have been considering other investment opportunities. I have no money in Crypto at all and thought it might be worth a shot.

I would probably purchase one whole Bitcoin and leave it at that. I see Bitcoin as a speculative buy so would buy in prepared to lose 100% of my investment. With the high risk can come high returns and that makes it worth it for me. Like many others, I would hope it can get back to the prices of late 2017.

Anyway, as I know little about Crypto I thought I would ask for some opinions on here. Is it worth buying in right now and holding?

For Christ’s sake man don’t ask reddit for financial advice. Especially an enormously biased one.

I have been thinking about getting I to crypto for a while, but now seems like the perfect time. Prices dropped today so I think tomorrow will be a good time to buy my first Bitcoin. Ill probably but $100 just to get a hold of the process and then slowly buy more over the coming days and weeks. I just made a coinbase account because I read that they were the most trusted.

Now is a pretty good time to get in I would say.

Be willing to wait another 2-3 years for a new ATH though.

Just be patient and invest small amounts regularly.

Never make debt to invest!!!! Only invest what you are prepared to lose.

I have heard people say that. Once I buy the bitcoin, how would I go about transferring it to a different wallet or securing it?

Let’s be honest.

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