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If you want to buy bitcoin (BTC) with Paypal account then you are exactly at the right place.

There are a lot of ways to buy bitcoin (BTC) for trading and many other purposes, but you find only a few methods to buy bitcoin using your Paypal account. Moreover, these procedures are not worked in direct ways; but proceed in indirect ways. This limited access of Paypal to exchanges is due to some reasons, which are explained in the given video.

Besides these common issues, there are some reliable and credible platforms and exchanges of cryptocurrency providing these facilities efficiently.

Paypal is online company to transfer funds globally from one corner of the world to another through internet by attaching it local banks.

buy bitcoin with credit : Crypto fans and traders are always in search of reliable and credible ways to buy bitcoin with credit card instantly. There are a lot of scammers on the web who are in search of fraud and manipulate new babies in the crypto world. But here, you can find the most secure and reliable methods to buy bitcoins. We will hold your finger and assist you in the whole process of buying bitcoin with step by step guide.

Coinmama came into existence in 2013 with native city Israel. It marked its brand among the famous brokerage service providers of the crypto universe and currently, there are almost one million users are active in 180 different countries of the world.

Coinmama is a broker exchange that offers its users to buy bitcoin with a credit card and charged up to 6% on the whole process of buying.

The digital currency is spreading on a large scale.

However, the government institutions or giant finance companies still feel hesitant…

Bitcoin is contrary to the traditional financial system in almost every way.

Where banks are centralized, Bitcoin is decentralized.


Privacy coins are a pretty controversial topic in the cryptocurrency industry. They hide data about their users, and as a…

It is revealed that in the next Bitcoin mining year of 2020, at most $3 Billion BTC would be mined.…

The world’s leading digital currency has turned bullish after trading in a bearish zone.

I was looking at ways to invest more money into cryptos on binance and saw that the only way was to buy cryptos on another exchange like Coinbase and send those to binance. Is this really the only way, or is there a way to buy something like USDT with PayPal or something?

EDIT: By Coinbase, I mean GDAX, but the problem is the money from my bank account takes so long to get there

That’s what I meant my b. But the problem with that is it takes so long for the money to get there

Since Binance does not deal directly with fiat currency, yes, you are correct that you need to buy cryptocurrency on a fiat on-ramp exchange like Coinbase and then transfer it to Binance. However, there are a lot of options that do not charge fees to transfer cryptocurrency to Binance. GDAX and Gemini are two good options.

Im sorry Im wondering how you cash out of binance.

I dont want to go through coinbase ( as I kind of dont trust them anymore)

Kraken + SEPA for free deposits makes me pity US citizen having to go through expensive, long wire transfers.

You could use Gemini. That is what I landed on after wanting to no longer user coinbase

I havent given Gemini a try yet. Nor have I do research on it.

So I think I’ve followed all of the online tutorials correctly.

This is my first time getting into any type of crypto so please give me a break if I missed something.

Went to coinbase, did the two factor authentication, and bought ~$30 USD worth of BTC.

I then went to binance and used said bitcoin to buy XRP. I was a little worried about binance because I simply created an account and bought XRP. No two factor authentication, no ID, I just transferred it over and purchased XRP.

Seemed a little too easy.

Should I be worried here?

If I did everything right whats the safest way to store XRP, and how should I plan on selling when the time comes? I was thinking about purchasing the Trezor One wallet.

Any info would be appreciated.


First off, btc takes too long.

I won’t bore you with my whole XRP story, but since I have seen several people wondering how to withdraw funds from an exchange, here are my findings concerning a SEPA transfer from Bitstamp.

I joined Bitstamp in July last year, and was very positive about how fast it all went and decided to use their exchange. Now that XRP has gone x15 since, I decided to withdraw funds for rent, vacations etc. Don’t worry, I still hold plenty of XRP.

I confirmed my withdrawal on December 29th at approx.

This morning, Januari 3rd at approx.

9:00 AM, I received my funds in my bankaccount.

So, even though newyears was in between, it took them 5 days.

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